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Your Future Calling
Live the life that's *uniquely yours*
Get a FREE copy of my unique 'Professional Portrait' Template
Get a FREE copy of my unique 'Professional Portrait' Template
You are in the right place if...
Your situation
Where you are
Need to set a new direction for your career, yet feel at a loss how to begin or what direction to try
Your goals
You want to
  • get my bearings for what's next

  • plot steps to get moving towards my goals

  • resolve any hesitations or obstacles
Your dream scenario
Where you'd like to be
  • get clear on what you want to make happen

  • feel good about making progress

  • put into action the steps that move you towards your new destination
Inspired to upgrade your working life?
Are you looking to create more depth, as well as more success, in your career?

Are you seeking a fuller life, a life that feels *truly uniquely yours*?

You've got the desire and the determination, but you need guidance to get your bearings and get past the obstacles in your way.
Seeing into your future...
Does it take a crystal ball to decipher the code?
Collecting the clues
Hints to your best future are everywhere. It's as if your future were calling to you.

Or, to put it more simply, your best future is grounded in who you have been all along. Your calling, aka 'vocation', what you are called to do and contribute, stems from who you are.

The task of collecting together the clues, bringing the pieces of the puzzle into a coherent whole is simple yet not easy.

That's where 'Your Future Calling' course comes in. We have gathered together the best from the fields of career guidance, coaching and practical psychology to put together a structured process that builds step-by-step to help you know clearly what you have sort-of known all along, and discover new elements that bring the picture together.
The future holds so many potentialities, attempting to scan it can feel like staring at a jumble of puzzle pieces
You can begin to recognise the main features of your picture long before all the pieces are in place.
6-session course
Follow a structured programme to take stock of everything that really matters, determine your direction and take action to make it your new reality.

Discover your unique blueprint for the career of your dreams in this 6-session programme that guides you through a defined set of steps to help you identify where you're headed next.
Your unique map
This course is less about giving you information and more about eliciting information from you and helping you put it together into a coherent picture, a map of sorts.

This needs to be not just any map - it needs to be your map.
Once you have a coherent map for your career, the journey becomes much more straightforward.
This course will cover
While on this programme you will:
Take stock of your professional history, and what has influenced your choices so far
Get your bearings among *all* your many concerns
Identify potential directions for your future
Receive support to take the first steps towards your favourite option
Identify decisions you need to make now
Gather the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions
The programme includes
6 coaching sessions (in-person or online, at weekly or fortnightly intervals)
Follow a structured programme to take stock of everything that really matters, determine your direction and take action to make it your new reality.
Downloadable course materials
These will be yours to keep, and refer back to anytime. You will also build up your own 'portfolio' as you gather clues and information about your best paths.
A buddy scheme to keep you motivated
Company for the journey can be the making of it. We will provide the skillful input and guidance using coaching and teaching expertise, you bring the willingness to chum another along, and receive their support in return.
A boost 1-on-1 coaching session with Margarita
To help you through any key areas identified during the group sessions. This can be arranged at any point during the course, or after its conclusion.
The ByHeart approach
My gift to you
Grab your own copy of my unique workbook 'Your Professional Portrait'

It's a great place to start the journey to your Dream WorkLife!

This will give you a flavour of how it is possible to start putting the puzzle-pieces together. We will cover this, and a lot more, obviously, on the 'Your Future Calling' course.
Get my copy of the 'Professional Portrait' workbook
Margarita Steinberg
Call: +44 (0)7717-315-078

You can also contact me directly via Facebook Messenger:
This course is for you if any of these ring true:
  • Conventional 20th-century style career guidance hasn't helped

  • You are feeling daunted by the newness of what you might be wading into

  • You no longer want a 'work-life balance': you want a Life

  • You want to be true to yourself and your values

  • Courage and confidence to pursue opportunities feel elusive

  • Deciding which way to go feels complicated

  • You want to do things you find satisfying, even if they don't have an immediate measurable result (e.g. financial gain)

  • "There must be more to life than this" resonates with you
You can no longer carry on as you are
caught between the urge to get going and hesitating at the risks, the expense etc.
Weighed down
with a sense of impotence at not knowing what to do
that all your intelligence and education don't seem enough
Feeling 'behind schedule'

You keep looking around at all the people who seem to have it all figured, and you feel like you're behind schedule
You need to know that you matter, that you are important, and that your gifts are only yours.
Master Coach Lindsay Wilson
My career story
Margarita Steinberg
I know how frustrated and baffled you have been feeling because I have been there.

Running this course is the culmination of a long story of feeling bewildered at my professional destiny. I dutifully filled out the questionnaires that are supposed to help, but they did little for me. I couldn't recognise myself in any of the recommendations the tedious effort of filling them out brought.

I searched long and hard. I found crumbs here and there. I drew 'Margarita Flowers' in an effort to see how the various bits of me could come together (ask me, I can show you the drawings).

This course brings together the best of what I found - originally, to help myself. Once I was coaching, I used the best and swiftest-to-help tasks and techniques - and found more and devised some myself - driven by my inspiration to help the people I work with.

All my experience is now at your service.
Margarita *:)
Whether we end up working together or not, I would encourage you to give the 'Professional Portrait' workbook a go. You will be delighted at how you feel, once you start to recognise yourself among the pieces of the puzzle.
Get my copy of the 'Professional Portrait' workbook
Margarita Steinberg
Call: +44 (0)7717-315-078

You can also contact me directly via Facebook Messenger:
Think about it...

If you were to discover your gifts, what's the change you can make in the world?

How are you going to feel waking up each morning?

What is the rest of your life going to be like, living your full potential?

What is the loss if you don't find out for yourself and get on with living *your* best life?

How will you feel at the end of your days if you haven't delivered your gifts?
Coaching turned out to be exactly what I needed
client stories
The proof is in the pudding
You might be wondering how coaching could help you