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Coaching for Couples

Do you know what it feels like to be cherished?
Are you struggling to communicate in your relationship?

Do you long for a heartmate and playmate, not just a life partner?

Do you feel hungry for love and affection, yet can't find nourishment in your partner?

Do you know that you can't hope for the best and simply carry on anymore?

Are you ready to find your way back to each other, and re-ignite the spark that brought you together?
- Margarita Steinberg
"Day-to-day tensions can erode trust and cause us to forget the treasure trove of blessings our relationship holds."
Reignite the spark that led you to each other.
Nobody is born dancing the Argentine Tango. If we want to dance in step with another person, we need to learn. Yet, we're led to believe we should "just know" how to create happiness with another person…

If you don't understand how to move through life together in harmony, you lose the delight you used to find in each other's company, you miss the excitement you felt in those early days, and you forget how to soar together in ecstasy.

If you and your partner feel like you've lost your connection, I'll help you fan the flames of your wish to find a way back to each other. I'll work with you to bring back to life what first inspired you to come together and renew your bond of trust. I'm here to support you in trying new and unique approaches to connecting and learning about each other, allowing the love that's still there to blossom again.
- Margarita Steinberg
"Every dance begins with a glance across the room. A moment of connection, seeing and being seen."
Connect on a deeper level than ever before.
I'll take time with each of you in turn, allowing the other to witness their partner opening up and receiving what they need, without any pressure to respond.

Through our work, you will rediscover each others' resources and gifts and find joy in discovering how to support each other as you connect on a deeper level than ever before.

As well as tuning into each others' needs and rekindling the spark between you, you'll also discover your own needs and desires. And when you both find your own centre of gravity, you can confidently dance together without being pulled over.