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Allow who you are to unfold.
Dance to your own rhythm.
Let your sovereignty shine.

Do you dare to know what you really want?

Your dreams don't have to be pre-approved by anyone. Just because something doesn't exist yet, doesn't mean you can't create it. As your coach and guide, my job is to hear your deepest dreams and highest possibilities.

I hear the moments you hesitate. I see the far-off gaze on your face and wonder what you're imagining. I listen for your heart, for the deep core of what matters to you most when you speak. I hold space for the precious moments in which your truth reveals itself, allowing your dreams to fully arrive.
- Margarita Steinberg
"In every complaint, there is the seed of a wish."

Do you know how to dance in love?

My deep love and understanding of Argentine Tango allows me to experience life as a dance. Travelling one step at a time. Going with what happens next. Keeping every step vibrantly alive. Staying in the space of discovery.

When navigating challenging situations, I think about how they might be represented in a dance. When we can see the shape of what's happening, we can see new possibilities for evolution and transformation. What's more, when you're dancing Tango, it's easy to see when things aren't working out – because your dance partner isn't coming with you.

If you're feeling stuck, it might not be that you don't know how to navigate the steps – you may not even know what the steps are. I understand when to teach and when to guide, always allowing you the space and autonomy to see for yourself and experiment.
- Esther Perel
"The quality of our relationships
determines the quality of our lives."

Do you dare to discover how to live, ByHeart?

I am here to offer a space of safety for you to explore your edges.

I am here to encourage you to loosen the rules you've created for your life, making space for magic to happen.

I am here to give you the freedom to vividly explore what you truly want for your life through art, dance, play, visioning and more.