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Coaching for Women

Do you dare to want what you really want?
Do you suspect more is possible for you, but you hesitate?

Do you look longingly at others' lives, but dismiss your dreams as not possible?

Are you worried that if you rise up, others will try to tear you down?

Are you ready to move beyond the belief that you are not enough?

Do you dare to discover how GLORIOUS you truly are?
- Rumi
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."
Reclaim who you truly are, and embody it fully.
You are imaginative, artistic and multi-dimensional – and you can use these powers to create the life you want.

Did you know that the root of the word 'confidence' is 'with faith'? When you find your confidence, you rediscover your faith in yourself. I will work with you to reclaim who you are and express it through the way your move, speak, smile, dress, and hold yourself.

I'm here to help you see the gifts you can give yourself. You once knew what you could be. You once knew how you wanted to be cherished. You simply need to remember. And when you do, you'll see what you must release and leave behind.

I want you – and all women – to see and relish your beauty. I look at all women and I see what's possible. I applaud all glorious women – and all women are glorious!
- Sigmund Freud
"Freedom is the ability to want what you really want."
Don't fear your inner dragon – she is guarding your gold.
How often do you speak to your inner dragon? Are you fearful of finding out how ugly she can be? I promise you, your dragon is not a monster to be scared of, she is the guardian of your hidden gold. It's time for your dragon to rise up.

You are multi-faceted and you have the power to bring any of your potentialities to life – when you fully embrace all of you. Speaking with your inner dragon is about skilfully and purposefully listening. The last thing a dragon expects is for someone to greet them warmly, to welcome them and to understand them - and yet it's what a dragon needs most of all.

A dragon hopes against hope to discover that who they truly are is beautiful. Fortunately, all dragons are beautiful. When you find that out for yourself, about your own dragon, it feels like magic.