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ByHeart signature workshop
One step at a time
Unique interactive workshop on leading and thriving in dynamic environments
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Methodologies can help us take a complex (sometimes even chaotic) series of events and processes and represent them in an understandable, repeatable, and transferable way.
Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig, authors of 'Let's get real or let's not play'
ByHeart signature workshop
Learn in tangible, in-the-body ways through this innovative workshop
Less talk, more learning
This workshop gets going quickly, to let you experience the power of leading the Tango way for yourself.
The principles you acquire through the initial practice are then turned to explore your current challenges, and devise new solutions.
Safe space
Discussing your findings with your fellow participants helps you get into the subtlety and supports your learning.
What this workshop can do for you
  • Dr Haruko Okamoto
    "Dear Margarita,
    Thank you for the session today.

    I was an eye-opening experience and I now understand why I feel frustrated about my particular problem in a physical metaphor. I do not know how my problem can be solved, yet understanding why has given me a sense of relief."
This workshop builds
  • Leadership skills at all levels
    Teaching leadership is notoriously difficult, in part due to the abstract nature of the concepts.

    Having taught people to lead (and follow) for Argentine Tango, I combine this with expertise in Leadership Coaching and Systemic Coaching, resulting in a unique approach to guiding people to learn leading. Just two simple instructions are enough to set people up to succeed!
  • Team playing skills
    Subtle and complex interactions are brought to life through simple gesture and movement, giving participants a base code for recognising what is going on, how issues can be resolved and the overall tone in the community enhanced and harmonised.
  • Organisational development
    Learning organisations are at a distinct advantage in fast-paced modern environments. This workshops elucidates dynamics in play in complex workplace situations, fostering learning from within.
  • Stress management
    The workshop promotes autonomy, equipping participants to identify actions they can take to enhance their functioning in demanding situations and to enjoy a greater sense of empowerment.
  • Sensitivity to diversity and building an inclusive community culture
    Practice is more persuasive than preaching!
    Participants experience for themselves the value of sensing the subtler layers of group and inter-personal situations, and of seeing the larger context in play. The skills necessary for building an inclusive community develop through personal practice and observation, and are reinforced through guided discussion.
It is about making the undiscussable discussable, about not taking for granted what is taken for granted, about getting the underground above-ground so that the unmanageable can become manageable.
Chris Argysis, 'Overcoming Organizational Defences'
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TEDx talk: 'Dance Tango Life'
In 2013, I gave a TEDx talk on the surprising things that devotees of Argentine Tango find the dance brings into their lives: a new medium for communication, an opportunity to heal, and even a sense of communion and peace within themselves.

My work to make learning Tango more accessible laid the groundwork for what has since become ByHeart's signature workshop on thriving in dynamic environments.
Dance Tango Life | Margarita Steinberg | TEDxSussexUniversity
Experiential Learning
of the Embodied Kind
In embodied learning, physical movement is the medium through which we internalize knowledge.

The unique ByHeart format using elements of Argentine Tango was presented at the 2nd Active Learning Conference aimed at the Higher Education sector in June 2018.
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The unique learning format used in ByHeart's signature workshop was developed in collaboration with the University of Sussex.
Blog post
This blog post delves into how this format works and how it came into being.
Chapter in an academic publication
Chapter 'A Tango for Learning' in the book ''Disrupting traditional pedagogy: Active Learning in Practice", published by the University of Sussex Press, June 2019.

The chapter presents the innovative embodied learning format I developed in collaboration with the University of Sussex.
Book: In preparation
'One Step At A Time'
In preparation: 'One step at a time: how to thrive in a dynamic world', a book on strategies for thriving in our truly dynamic, unpredictable world.