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ByHeart Workshops
Dance led me to my calling as a coach, guide and teacher.
As a dance teacher, some of my Tango students started coming to me with their personal crises and questions, and I realised that my calling in life was to help people truly see themselves and what they're capable of.

This spurred me on to train in coaching and counselling skills, which felt like a natural and perfect extension of the teaching and training skills I was already practising through dance.

When I gained my coaching qualification (PLC) in Leadership Coaching with Psychosynthesis psychology, I set up ByHeart Coaching, adapting the name of my dance studio to serve a renewed purpose.
- Benjamin Hoff, author of 'The Tao of Pooh'
"When you know and respect your own Inner Nature, you know where you belong."
Are you ready to live your fullest, most glorious life?
Beauty, soulfulness and dance are at the heart of my work. Every day I have the privilege of holding a space for transformation and possibility, in which people discover and embrace more of themselves to lead full, glorious lives.

My gift is to watch and listen to my clients closely, collecting the smallest glimmers of light and guiding them to turn those into their brightest, most radiant life.

When I'm doing this work, I feel as though I'm bang in the centre of the Universe, exactly where I'm meant to be.