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Your Dream Doesn't End When a Relationship Ends

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My friend had been dating a handsome long-haul pilot for a few years. The day came, though, when she could no longer deny that the relationship had stalled.

She called an end to it, but her heartache lingered.

She had dared to hold out for what she truly wanted, but something was still off.

She seemed a bit lost.

We talked, and she was still questioning her decision, wondering if better was really out there for her.

Then, the next time we jumped on the phone, her tone was changed. I was intrigued.

“You’re sounding different. Has something happened?”

"No, but I had a long chat with my Dad."

"What did he say?"

"As I was sobbing, the words tumbled out:
"But Dad, you don't understand! The dream is gone."

He took me in his arms and gave me a long squeeze. Then he said, very gently:

"My Darling, your dream is alive and well.

It's not gonna happen with this person, that's true.

But your dream doesn't end with the end of a relationship. The dream is right here, in your heart."

I’ve carried the echo of this wise father’s words with me ever since.

We all need a reminder, once in a while, that obstacles and setbacks are not a sign that our Star is no longer shining in the heavens, or that we’ve lost our way.

The important thing is to not lose heart. To know that you’re still carrying your dream in your heart.

May your heart feel well today, no matter what.