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Brain-fog on relationships?

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Do you find that you can readily see ahead and set goals for your career, but when it comes to relationships, it's like the lights go out?
That sense of feeling in the dark can be quite unnerving. And you probably already know that letting your relationships “just happen” doesn’t always bring the happiest of results…

How is it that you can have such great skills for envisaging what you want for one aspect of your life, but can find yourself falling silent on another?

The answer might be actually quite simple. This happens because our thinking and our skills are “context-specific”, meaning that you might be a great cook when it comes to pasta, but feel out of your depth if you’re asked to make sushi.

Think of how much attention, effort and learning has gone into building the knowledge and savvy you have when it comes to the workplace. Have you devoted the same steadfast attention to how relationships work and to discovering you want in that sphere?

Here's my other point:
The knowledge of what you want doesn't spring up ready-made. It is the result of a creative process of putting together what you've learnt about the world, what you've discovered about your preferences, what you've found about how you can make things happen...

So what would I suggest? That you set out to explore the world of relationships!

Get curious about whether X suits you better than Y, learn the “vocabulary” of relationships, what “flavours” you can choose from, what stages relationships can go through, how you can steer an interaction towards one result or another…

I am confident you’ll discover countless nuggets of treasure and learning along the way. Welcome to the adventure!

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