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Needing to Forgive Yourself?

Confidence Transformation

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How to free yourself from that gnawing sense of guilt.
Blaming yourself can eat away at you…It can block you from daring to dream of better, it can even keep you away from getting on with doing the things you know how to do…

Do you remember when you learnt to feel guilty?

Or does it feel as though you were born that way?

Chances are, you didn’t know either the word or the feeling of guilt, as a bouncy two-year-old… So how can you regain that vitality and bounce?

You need a way of walking back the process that you’d gone through as you were learning to feel guilty. A way of unravelling the tight tangle that has built up in your chest over the years.

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At a recent coaching session with a client, we decided to time how long it would take for her to travel from Self-Blame Town to Self-Love State.

She covered that distance in exactly 12 minutes. How did I know we'd got there? She was looking at me smiling and saying,

“I feel so light!

I’m feeling so joyful, and easy with myself!”

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What was the path less-travelled that she took? It was a mix of straight-up childhood psychology (on why we choose to learn to blame ourselves), and a specific process for transforming that corner of your psyche that carries the blame (the process comes from Psychosynthesis, a psychological approach pioneered by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli in mid-20C).

I’ve created an eBook to show you the process, so you too can lighten the load you carry.
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