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You will emerge from this. Stronger.

Confidence Transformation
For the day when you need to glimpse a ray of hope.
You will emerge from this. Stronger. Whatever you’re going through.

There is so much more to you than you know when you’re feeling small. There is more to you.

I’ve whispered these words to myself many times, when it seemed my path ahead was winding downhill and further still, ever downward…

There is more to what you are and are becoming.

Make a wish. What would you want to see happen, however improbable it seems right now?

It begins like this:

“I wish…”

And if those words won’t come together just now, try this one:

“If only…”

Find the tiniest sliver of what would feel like an improvement. A glimmer, a thread. Hold that thread, and let it lead you to more glimmers, more hopeful rays, a guiding star.

You are emerging, stronger, with a sunlit burst of hope in your heart.

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