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Money is the New Sex

Money & Prosperity Confidence

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Money is the new sex. Have you noticed?

Money’s everywhere. As a culture, we're obsessed with it.

It’s the thing we flaunt if we manage to achieve success (which means 'get plenty of money'). If we haven’t, we devote endless efforts to pretend to have it, even if our coffers are running dry - or worse... 

Money is the thing that divides people into Haves and Have Nots.

Money stirs powerful - and often painful - emotions, even when we have a near-limitless supply of it.

Money rouses both envy and denial.

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It’s the thing many people can’t talk about, other than in neat clinical terms that ignore the heart of the matter.

We have money on the brain the way the Victorians did with sex. The Victorians famously  wrapped the legs of tables and chairs in veils, for fear that the unmentionable fact that women also had legs might be indecently suggested.

Money is an aspect of life that’s still laced with guilt, shame, taboo, fear and isolation.

We shroud the fuller truth of money in secrecy - not through conspiracies, but through an INHERITED CULTURE OF REPRESSION.

One thing that's particularly tricky about this repression is that its flip-side - obsession - is simply the other side of the coin.

If you've ever made a significant decision 'because of the money', if you are devoting a big chunk of your life to money - or to doing without... if you often feel worried, or guilty, or ashamed, or angry, or envious...

This could be the time to put all that to rest. ))

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What can you do to liberate yourself?

As with any repression, the first step is to overcome the taboo.

The more we can talk about how money is affecting our lives, the more we can remove the sting from the echoes of difficult earlier experiences with money, the freer we become.

Where do you go for a frank and human conversation about money?

Today I'm launching a new Rubric, where I'll be writing about the Wellbeing aspect of Money - and the Money aspect of Wellbeing.

I also run a Facebook Group on this topic - and you're invited!
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