Get ready to date
Show the world a brand-new you
Get ready to date
Show the world a brand-new you
You are in the right place if...
Your situation
Where you are
The prospect of needing to date (again!) is giving you the heebie-jeebies
Your goals
You want to
  • feel at ease in social and dating situations

  • feel happy with who and how you are

  • know who you're looking for and what they will find attractive about you!
Your dream scenario
Where you'd like to be
  • comfortable with socialising and dating

  • enjoying your own company and feeling no pressure to rush into anything

  • relishing the prospect of creating a heartfelt connection with the person who's right for you
'Get Ready to Date' programme for single women
4 steps to meeting your playmate
Step 1
Take stock
Get clear on where you're starting from, what you're leaving behind, and what you're setting out for
Step 2
Your Dreamboat Man
Discover who would rock your boat, and how you would recognise him if you met him
Step 3
Dreamboat YOU
Discover how YOU would rock HIS world, and how to allow him to spot these things about you
Step 4
HOW to date
Adopt strategies that will keep you feeling at ease and in command on your dating adventure
Find out if it's right for you
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