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It's actually easy to get unstuck if someone shows you how. Since your life and career/business are unique, your needs are unique so you need a specific strategy to get the results you want. I'd be honoured to create that for you!

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Exactly what I needed
"[Leadership coaching] was exactly what I needed at the time. At first, I thought it might be just a generic boring thing that you go through and at the end there is no tangible output, but it wasn't.

It was time well-spent. I actually got to discuss my "modus operandi" with Margarita and she worked through the details with me. She was very sharp in picking up on things that I didn't realise were pulling me back. She helped scrutinise my thought process, key decision points, and showed me what I should work on.

Now I know better where I am leading my career towards (leading being the keyword here), and have the 'tools' to prevent unnecessary stress."

Dr Spyros Skarvelis-Kazakos, Senior Lecturer in Power Electronics
Miracle worker
"You, dear woman, are a miracle worker. I feel light today (maybe that's what it feels like when you start to liberate yourself from something)… 😃. My mind is whirring with reflections, connections, etc., but I am feeling calm and have a smile on my face. Pretty cool, eh?

You opened up the space to be, one in which I can reflect on things and move forward without feeling like I'm drowning. A definite sense of being open to possibilities, but only if they correspond to what I'm looking for."

Judith Good, Professor of Interaction Design and Inclusion
The sea-change in our relationship is so profound
A marriage no longer in trouble
"I came to Margarita as a skeptic. As is the case for most of us, for much of my life I've been embroiled in behavioral issues that seemed both repetitive and deeply entrenched, a loop unchanged, and more importantly, unchangeable...
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Jared Hendrickson - Father, Artist, Teacher, Rock Star
Positively life-changing
"The guidance I've received from Margarita has been positively life-changing. After each session I enjoy with her, I end up with another glorious nugget of self-realisation that has a profound impact on my mental wellbeing and my day-to-day life.

Ahead of my first taste of psycho-synthesis with Margarita, I was experiencing a constant tightness in the head and chest, stress and burn-out. All of that has almost completely disappeared..
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Adam Bates, Founder and Director of Ambigo CIC

Tender, encouraging and professional
"So far I've had one session with Margarita, and to say that I found it hugely beneficial would be an understatement.

Her approach is tender, encouraging and professional.

I found the session thoroughly enjoyable and particularly enlightening.

If you, like me, are looking to truly discover and develop yourself, I'd strongly recommend engaging with Margarita. I can't wait for my next session!"

Vanessa De Oliveira, IMS Manager, Sussex Estates and Facilities
Using the right 'muscles' now
"Our conversations last week really made an impression on me. I am now being mindful about using the right 'muscles'. :)"

Fran Barnard, University of Sussex

"Margarita enabled me to explore aspects of my self, which I may have ignored for some time or was not aware of. As a result of her guidance, I was able to give voice to them and identify their significance in my life to date and also identify where they were coming from - where the root of their influence lay in my deeper, hidden, less apparent self. This guidance through one's layers of consciousness is a revealing exercise as one makes sense of and unravels and is able to name the influences. This self-discovery leading to greater self-awareness is an empowering process, which enhanced my self worth.

Margarita was also excellent in her interaction with my twelve-year-old son who also participated in the sessions. She used a variety of techniques to draw him out and develop an understanding of his own self-worth and to explore and give voice to his own aspirations. He benefited from these sessions and always looked forward to participating in them."

Andrew Jackson, Lay Anglican Chaplain

You're a teacher in the best sense of the term
"You're a teacher, in the best sense of the term. :) And yes, I wish I had known you sooner, but it's okay, at least I do know you now and I'm very grateful for having met such a positive person, and for your presence in my life.

I have been feeling much better after the conversations we had when you were here: I am using your lovely notebook to write a sort of "new narrative" for myself, a much more positive one, and it helps me stay grounded in the present for longer and in a more serene way. I got some inspiration back to write as well! So again, thank you for everything."

Carlotta Papale, writer
I'll need a Margarita top-up from time to time
"A huge thanks for helping me start to regain my confidence: I didn't realise how much I had lost (although I'm sure I'll need a Margarita top-up from time to time!)"