Meet Margarita
Founder and Coach - Margarita Steinberg
Meet Margarita
Founder and Coach - Margarita Steinberg
Margarita Steinberg
Margarita is a qualified Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach, and brings to her work a kaleidoscope of skills and experience in:

  • teaching & training
  • creativity
  • counselling & practical psychology
  • languages
  • career guidance and Life Design
  • holistic health and spiritual practice
Margarita Steinberg
Margarita is a qualified Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach, and brings to her work a kaleidoscope of skills and experience in:

  • teaching & training
  • creativity
  • counselling & practical psychology
  • languages
  • career guidance and Life Design
  • holistic health and spiritual practice
My approach to coaching
The signature style that distinguishes my work
Powerful transformations
Empowering you to do and be today what was impossible yesterday.

Expect to discover untapped resources within you and around you. Expect to get help with dismantling obstacles, or getting beyond them. Expect to embrace your power and learn to wield it masterfully.
Heart-felt connection
My client Vanessa used the word 'tender'to describe this quality. For me, holding space for your dreams is a privilege.

This is about supporting you, helping you weather the challenges and come out on top.
Enjoying the ride
We can do serious work together without getting trapped in taking it all too seriously.

The gift of playfulness is to engender openness to new perspectives and options for you.
Why ByHeart

I believe we each have to discover our destiny through living 'by heart'.

I help people like you live whole-heartedly and relish the life you live.

I achieve this by supporting and guiding you to bring together in harmony all the various strands of you, the many perspectives you hold, so you can live the life that feels *truly uniquely yours*.
'Heart' is a fascinating, powerful word. It has meant, at various times:

  • soul, spirit
  • mind, intellect
  • will, desire
  • seat of inmost feelings, especially love and affection
  • seat of courage
All these things you need, if you are to succeed, so you can embrace and savor your ride of a lifetime!

The ByHeart logo depicts a heart with the seed of a wish at its core, a wish on a star, your very own star, a symbol of your destiny beckoning you on.

The professional [...] is the story of the high jumper who broke the world's record. Somebody asked him how he did it and he responded, "I threw my heart over the bar and the rest of me followed."
Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman, and motivational speaker
A heart that's open
I am a long-time admirer of Taoist poetry and thought.

This quote from 'Tao Te Ching', the classic book on the Taoist outlook, finishes with a line that I find particularly evocative and which conveys a quality I aspire to:

"The Master observes the world
but trusts his inner vision.

He allows things to come and go.
His heart is open as the sky."

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

You're likely to hear me say...
"In every complaint there is the seed of a wish."

This is my way of saying: whatever you're concerned or frustrated about, that concern also carries pointers on what you'd rather have. We work on teasing that out, and then using it as the Design Brief for what you set out to create.

"No one is born dancing Argentine Tango."

This saying stems from my days of teaching Argentine Tango. I used this humorous phrase to remind my students that everybody had to start somewhere - and it was not at the Olympic level.

It's okay to start from where you are.
"Serious not solemn"

This phrase has been with me since 2001, when I read 'Families and How to Survive Them' by psychologist Robin Skynner in collaboration with comedian John Cleese of Monty Python fame.

It reminds me - and my clients - that we can deal with serious matters without getting heavy and solemn, a mode best avoided anyway, as it tends to stifle creativity and smother enthusiasm.

Three fun facts about me
I have been dubbed a 'Trust nerd', because my work teaching Argentine Tango has given me an in-depth understanding of what builds and what undermines trust, and how we can learn to trust ourselves more, as well as building trust with others.

I have been known to get people to take a turn at a Tango-style lead-and-follow game to explore trust, and this can be anywhere I happen to be talking with people: out on a countryside walk, in the Pavilion Gardens in central Brighton, on the library steps at the University of Sussex.
I collect humorous titles that I find amusing:

  • I proudly wear the title 'Poly-maverick' (that's 'polymath' + 'maverick') that my boyfriend offered me once in a playful moment.

  • My self-styled title of 'Curious Sponge' (I soak up all sorts of details I find interesting). This moniker means much the same thing as 'poly-maverick', really. It aims to 'explain' that my interests span arts and sciences, pedagogy, history, costume design and much else besides.

I speak five languages (I am bi-lingual in Russian and English). I learnt a fascination with etymology from my grandad, so in my work I occasionally refer to a word's history to draw out its deeper significance.
I have developed a learning format that uses elements from Argentine Tango to explore trust and dynamics of interactions between people and in groups. The format provides my clients with a creative approach to devise innovative solutions to challenging situations.

My chapter describing this format was included in a recent publication on innovative approaches to pedagogy by the University of Sussex Press (2019).

Discover ByHeart's signature workshop →
Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach

A portrait of the psyche
Egg Diagram originated by Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis
I hold a qualification in Leadership Coaching with a specialism in Psychosynthesis psychology. I empower people to understand themselves more, and create unique transformative experiences to help you lead your best life.

I draw on a variety of practical psychology approaches and holistic health practices. I specialise in career development, personal and workplace relationships, and empowerment for women. Trust is at the heart of all my work.
I occasionally get asked, "How can you work on a broad range of topics? Don't you need expertise on the thing I want you to help me with?"

For me, in the same way that the well-being of the leaves and branches of a tree depend on the strength of the roots and the trunk, I can help people with many topics by helping them with the core stuff.

Leading your life is the unifying strand.

Tree in a field
Photo by Johann Siemens on Unsplash
Margarita Steinberg
Call: +44 (0)7717-315-078

You can also contact me directly via Facebook Messenger:

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching (PGCPLC)

  • Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills and Theory

  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training

  • Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine

  • BA in German / Italian / Music / Computing
Areas of expertise

  • Career Direction & Development: to take charge of your destiny

  • Executive / Leadership coaching: the stakes are high, the skills needed are extensive, and there is only one you

  • Couple coaching: restoring and renewing relationships

  • Confidence building: to take you anywhere

  • Empowering women: for the benefit of all

  • Embodied learning: we all live in bodies (I use the basics of Argentine Tango for harmonising situations and relationships)
What I actually do is help my clients see their world differently. Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes. When someone sees their world differently, they show up differently, and they create results that booked impossible a moment before. That is a miracle.
Rich Litvin, coach and author of 'The Prosperous Coach'
TEDx talk: 'Dance Tango Life'
In 2013, I gave a TEDx talk on the surprising things that dancers of Argentine Tango find the dance brings into their lives: a new medium for communication, an opportunity to heal, and even a sense of communion and peace within themselves.

My work to make learning Tango more accessible laid the groundwork for what has since become ByHeart's signature workshop on thriving in dynamic environments.
Dance Tango Life | Margarita Steinberg | TEDxSussexUniversity
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