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'You can't coach that'
The well-spring of courage
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Every so often, I get asked for my take on the political landscape. I tell people truthfully that I tend to adopt the viewpoint of Taoist sages, which holds that the complementary opposing forces in play (the sages dubbed these Yin and Yang) are in an ever-shifting dynamic dance, never gaining a full victory over one another. As one is reaching the zenith, the other is poised 'in the wings' to begin its ascent to dominance, in its turn.

This image has been particularly helpful whenever I got asked to comment on the 'disaster' of Trump presidency in the USA. I would tell people that I was excited about what would rise to meet the need of the hour, about the people and movements that would emerge that could - and would - take things through the crisis point and beyond to new horizons. Psychosynthesis psychology has a short-hand phrase to describe this phenomenon of new forces and resources emerging in response to a crisis: 'from emergency to emergence'.
One day I came across a mention of Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, the young lady from the Bronx district in New York who had recently been elected to Congress during the mid-term elections in the States in 2018. Her demeanor, her background, even her voice did not fit the familiar mold of 'professional politian', so I began to pay attention more closely.
Of Ocasio-Cortez, Trump's former senior adviser told Politico: "AOC has what I call 'gameness' or competitive heart — the combination of grit, determination, fighting spirit that you can't coach. You either have it or you don't, and she has it big league."
Play me a fantasy
Play me a fantasy.
What is yours?

Is it to:
'Speak in front of a gathering
and receive applause' - Imagine it.

'Have a mentor guide my first tentative steps
into a new endeavour' - Wish for it.

'Tell a secret I've been harbouring
so it's no longer a burden' - Hear your wish,
and permit it to be possible.
And then she sleeps peacefully, to wake up to another day of wonder.
INDUCTION to guide the reader into connecting the story to their own context
Welcome to a more generous universe
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Title image: Photo by neida zarate on Unsplash

Margarita Steinberg is a Leadership Coach with a specialism in Psychosynthesis psychology. She is also a qualified teacher.

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