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What's it like?
The consultation in detail
New clients
I will spend 90 minutes face-to-face with you getting crystal clear on your goals and current challenges, your options and obstacles and *what you want to do about them*.

A coach will rarely, if ever, offer advice. Instead, I explore *with you* so that you have ownership of any conclusions you arrive at.

The advantage of working with a coach is that I am able to recognise your blind spots and get you to look at your situation anew.

You will leave with a new perspective, and new action points if you want them.

How often you follow up with me after that will depend on how big your goals and challenges are. Some people only speak with me occasionally when a particularly tough hurdle turns up. Many people who have more complex - or more ambitious! - changes in their sights work with me on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Initial Consultation Fee*: dependent on the plan you choose

Feel free to contact me with questions directly at
Established clients
You can request a one-off session to help you handle a particularly tough hurdle.

We will take stock together on where your situation is at, how you would like it to shift, what's in play and what your options are.

I will tailor my input to reflect your needs in the moment - we can concentrate on building your clarity, your confidence, your options for action.

Fee*: £90

Feel free to contact me with questions directly at
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