"So far I've had one session with Margarita, and to say that I found it hugely beneficial would be an understatement. Her approach is tender, encouraging and professional."
Choose the package that best fits your needs
I work with you to change your circumstances and your inner experience. A whole new life awaits!
A Real Shift
Perfect for those in need of a one-time consultation. Get help to overcome a specific hurdle to move towards greater success and thriving

Single consultation: 90 minutes
A confidential in-depth discussion
Resolution of what's been holding you back
A plan for moving forward
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Lift Off
The most advanced level of support and attention available, tailored for those with a major task ahead

1-year programme of coaching
Tackle a major undertaking
8 consultations and email messaging between sessions
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Our packages are designed to serve you
The range of packages reflects the size of undertaking you're aiming to tackle.

Profound shifts can happen over a single conversation.

If you're looking at major changes, consistent work over a stretch of time is a better fit to bring you assured results.

And if you're launching yourself into truly new territory and will need consistent support each step of the way, a year-long programme ensures that you stay the course.
What's included in the prices?
Coaching calls/meetings with Margarita Steinberg.
What's not included in the prices?
Cost of any travel and travel time, if meeting at your workplace or home.
What if I don't live near your practice?
All of your sessions can be conducted virtually over video conferencing (Skype, Zoom etc.) or telephone.

Coaching over video works amazingly well, even without an initial in-person meeting.
Your questions answered
Get all your concerns addressed before you sign up for coaching with Margarita
All coaching conversations are conducted in confidence and are generally informal in tone.

We will discuss your goals and the obstacles in the way for you, so we're on the same page. We will explore aspects of both your goals and what has been holding you back that you might not have considered before.

The focus is on freeing you for action, not forcing you into anything you don't feel ready for.

We will go at the pace that you can handle, so there will be plenty of time to pause and reflect, if you need it.

I often invite clients to write out some of what we're discussing, because it can really support and clarify your thinking.

Snapshot after a coaching session
At this session, I put up some sticky notes on the blackboard wall, to illustrate the discussion
Margarita Steinberg
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Coaching turned out to be exactly what I needed
Real results that change my clients' lives
I combine coaching, Psychosynthesis psychology and holistic health practices to help a wide variety of people with a wide variety of goals and situations, including:
Stress / burnout
Career Development
Career Direction
Leadership in the workplace
Organisational development
CEO / Executives
Empowerment for women
Dating and relationships
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Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is a whole-person approach to leadership, success and thriving.

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