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Any problem, any goal, any obstacle
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Any problem, any goal, any obstacle
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Your best thinking has taken you this far.
To go further, you need to expand your horizons, reach out into the unknown.

What's more, you want to figure it out for yourself - most people do. You just want help with how to figure it.

You set the agenda, we help you get there.
And if you're struggling to get clear on what you're after, we can help with that, too.

Margarita Steinberg ByHeart coaching introduction
All aspects of relating are
How you go about relating in every area of your life draws on the same fundamental attitudes, expectations and skills.

We can work on how relating is playing out in just one area of life for you, or we can address them in turn.
It's up to you
We look at how you take the lead and succeed,
How you grant yourself the autonomy you need.

How you give permission for connection,
How you steer things in the desired direction.
to your aspirations, ambitions and wishes
to your past, future and present
Other people
intimate relationships
your family
your friendships
your social circle
people in your workplace
Your world
How you relate with your world, your sense of 'how the world is'
The origins of the word 'Relate' reveal how much it is a reciprocal process of exchange. Relating, at its core, is about regulating what you receive and what you transmit in return.

mid 16th century: from Latin relat- 'brought back', from the verb referre
-> Latin referre 'carry back', from re- 'back' + ferre 'bring'

What Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is
Coaching does
Coaching adds the commitment, skills and outside perspective to your projects that make the difference between New Year resolutions that flag by mid-January and the new life that you can and will create!
Leadership does
Leadership is the difference between a crowd and a movement! Leadership is a vital ingredient in each of our lives, and in the life of organisations and communities.
Psychosynthesis psychology does
Psychosynthesis psychology operates skillfully to illuminate and give access to the hidden depths and heights of the human psyche. It provides guidance to help you discover your inspiration and act on it.
Coaching is
Coaching is a constantly-evolving field drawing on innovations and discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, psychology breakthroughs, complex systems science and more!
Leadership is
Leadership is a field with many insights yet to be incorporated, where the learning has to take place on an individual level – and on a collective level.
Psychosynthesis psychology is
Psychosynthesis psychology integrates the learning of many cultures and civilizations into a coherent outlook on what matters to humans and how we function. Psychosynthesis has been called a 'psychology of inspiration'.
TEDx talk: 'Dance Tango Life'
In 2013, I gave a TEDx talk on the surprising things that dancers of Argentine Tango find the dance brings into their lives: a new medium for communication, an opportunity to heal, and even a sense of communion and peace within themselves.

My work to make learning Tango more accessible laid the groundwork for what has since become ByHeart's signature workshop on thriving in dynamic environments.
Dance Tango Life | Margarita Steinberg | TEDxSussexUniversity
"We must continue to open in the face of tremendous opposition. No one is encouraging us to open and still we must peel away the layers of the heart."
Choegyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master (quoted in Natalie Goldberg's book "Writing down the bones")
Margarita Steinberg
Teacher - Trainer - Mentor - Coach
Learning is my passion. Especially learning to be fully ourselves, and to operate from that powerful core – the most rewarding learning of all! Everything that enhances learning is fascinating to me.

And so I am constantly learning about learning. Many disciplines have something to contribute to a comprehensive grasp of learning as a process. This keeps my search ranging far and wide – from teaching good practice - to organisational ecology - to complex systems science - to meditation and spiritual practices – to practical psychology.

I have a professional qualification in teaching and training, and hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, as well as a certificate in counselling skills.

The purpose of ByHeart Coaching is to bring to you the richness of insight on learning that is out there. To help you gain clarity on your direction and harness your determination to make your quest, make your destination a reality. I look forward to sharing your success story next!
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