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Captain of the ship
You are at the top and you feel... alone. You feel the burden of responsibility, and not just for your organisation and the people in it. A lot is at stake, including the safety and comfort of your family. This is not something you can share with any of your team, or your friends and family.

It took daring to launch on this larger adventure, honouring your passion and dedication. The stakes are high. You relish it a lot of the time, but how to make sure it will work out and succeed?
You have to convey assured competence all the time, to keep up colleagues' morale, to keep your family and friends on board. You could do with an ally by your side who is *there for you*. You could do with a time when you can discuss your concerns, your challenges, in a confidential setting. You could do with a place where you get help to turn your challenges into triumphs.

I work with company founders, CEOs and executives. I specialise in socially-responsible enterprises and companies in the impact investing space.

Inevitably, leading in these cutting-edge positions asks more of you than anything you've done before. I help you span the gap.
Bespoke service
Your situation is unique, so I work with you one-on-one to devise a bespoke package that matches your needs exactly. You don't have time for anything superfluous.

During our initial conversation, we will together get crystal-clear on your goals and current challenges, your options and obstacles and *how you can make headway* to clear the way to success.
Bring all your obstacles, hurdles and hesitations.
Like you, I relish a challenge!
Try the ByHeart approach
Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is a whole-person approach to leadership, success and thriving.

Find out if it's right for you.
You are a living asset for your organisation.

Keeping you powered up to accomplish at your best is a priority.
In conversation with the manager of an investment fund
Eric Osiakwan:
What can *you* do for the founder of a company?
I can help them see beyond their fears. I can help them recognise what is currently in their blind spot. I can help them stay the course when their spirits are flagging.

I help clients stay connected to their inspiration and their resources. To expand on that, I can help them rally their inner resources and summon to their aid the resources around them that they may be overlooking. I can help them forge stronger connections with the people *in* their organisation and build a strong community of support *around* them.
Eric Osiakwan:
Can you help me understand the value of what you do?
Okay, you love sailing, so let me ask you. What is more dangerous when you're sailing: the wind and the waves on the ocean, or the snags in people's thinking and the pitfalls in people's character?

When you're preparing for a sailing trip, you would take as much care to make sure that the vessel is sound as you would to ensuring that you can trust and have a mutual understanding with the people you'll be travelling with.

I recall you telling me that investors invest in people. I help my clients show up at their very best, so that they become (even more) an attractive proposition - for those considering working with them, for people considering doing business with them, and for potential investors.

My training in deep psychology equips me to see that what we call someone's character is amenable to change, and that they are capable of a lot more. I know this because I see it happen every day. I know how to promote profound change in people's patterns of behaviour (what we generally call their character) through a deepened understanding of themselves.
Eric Osiakwan:
What persuades your clients of the value of working with you?
Often, it's as simple as a conversation about what's going on for them. I recall speaking to someone about his dream of living on a boat. I asked why he wasn't already, and sure enough he had reasons why not. So we got into talking about what beckoned and what his reservations were (I adore exploring people's long-cherished dreams! it's the closest thing to getting to hear their destiny, what their mission on this planet is.)

As we spoke, his reservations revolved, one by one, and his dream began to sound - most importantly, to him - a whole lot more real and realisable. I imagine this was very enjoyable for him. :)

After a while he said simply, "I would pay money for this!" and we set up an appointment for him to come see me.
Be the guy/gal who goes ahead
to do what most people wouldn't
Someone would mention his name in passing, and other chefs would get this curious expression on their faces, like the runner of Satchel Paige's admonition: 'Don't look back - someone might be gaining on you.' They'd look worried, as if, examining their own hearts and souls and abilities, they were aware that not only couldn't they do what Scott does, but they wouldn't.
Authony Bourdain, author of 'Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly'
How it works
By getting really clear on what you're trying for in your life and work, and what has been holding you back, you can join up all the dots and make the right connections that will open the door to your greater potential.


I welcome you as a client to my practice. Many people are unfamiliar with this type of work and have many more questions than can be answered here. I provide a 30 minute complimentary consultation where we can talk about your needs and you can get an overview of a personalised coaching plan. Please get in touch via email, Facebook messenger, or just call me to schedule your discovery call.


Consultations take place in Brighton or on-line via Skype (or similar).

I ask all potential clients to get started with a complimentary 30 minute discovery call where we can discuss your goals, current challenges, what it might look like to work together, and determine if we are a good fit.
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