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A more generous universe
What makes it hard to receive good things?
Is there some area of life where you find it hard to receive?

What would count as "too-good-to-be-true" in your world?

What makes it so hard to receive sometimes?

One answer is: We haven't imagined it yet.
If you can see it, you can receive it.
What about the things that we, in our young grief, stashed away deep, wrapped in our disappointment? Now it's only the disappointment that we can see. Receiving has become preposterous, near-unthinkable.
Dear 'Too-good-to-be-true',
how we long for you!
To unwrap that which we long to receive, we would have to touch the liquid pain of the disappointment we'd stashed away.

How might that go?
Maybe something like this:

I grant myself the pain of that disappointment now as part of my richness.

In knowing my disappointment, I receive more of myself - and more of humankind. I can be with people in their disappointment; I no longer have to wince away from their pain because it reminds me too vividly of mine.

In making space for my disappointment, I am re-discovering what I had wanted to receive.

I can now see disappointment *and* receiving. I can conceive of a more generous universe than the one I'd been dreaming inside me, a whole world within encapsulated in disappointment.
In a more generous universe, I can receive.
Receiving enough, I can tolerate moments of frustration. I can acknowledge them without despairing.
Now for the imagining part.
If you can see it, you can receive it.
What do you long for?
Let's go there, with 'SO GOOD YET TRUE' on our banner. :)
Play me a fantasy
Play me a fantasy.
What is yours?

Is it to:
'Speak in front of a gathering
and receive applause' - Imagine it.

'Have a mentor guide my first tentative steps
into a new endeavour' - Wish for it.

'Tell a secret I've been harbouring
so it's no longer a burden' - Hear your wish,
and permit it to be possible.
Welcome to a more generous universe.
Photo by timJ on Unsplash
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Margarita Steinberg

Plain speaking
I am a Leadership Coach with a specialism in Psychosynthesis psychology. I am the founder of ByHeart Coaching, and this blog grows out of my coaching work. I am also a qualified and experienced teacher, and draw on training in counselling skills. I integrate the fields of teaching, coaching and psychology (counselling), as they each bring a vital perspective on learning, transforming and becoming.

I work with individuals and couples, as private clients; I also work with organisations through running leadership coaching programmes and group workshops.

Speaking playfully and poetically, I am
* Peace Pitchfork
I reach deep within to find peace and resonate it out from there. Acceptance, being received, can be life-changing. Where within you is deep peace?

* Intrepid explorer of the inner landscape
...of my own personal landscape, other people's personal landscapes, and our shared collective inner landscapes. The world we live in is as much inside as outside.

* Whirling Tangera
Dancing with people, dancing with life: this is, for me, a metaphor for respectful and delightful, both light and deep, engagement with living, moment-to-moment, one step at a time.

* Words Lover
As the raiment of our dreams, words can lead to the soul. I look to the wellspring of words to reach the wellspring of our spirit.

I am all these things, and more.
I am defined by none of these things. I am more.

A chapter on Margarita's innovative work with embodied learning is about to appear in 'Disrupting traditional pedagogy: Active Learning in Practice' due to be published by Sussex University Press in June 2019.
In preparation: Margarita's first book 'One step at a time: how to thrive in a dynamic world'
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