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By getting really clear on what you're trying for in your life and work, and what has been holding you back, you can join up all the dots and make the right connections that will open the door to your greater potential.


I welcome you as a client to my practice. Many people are unfamiliar with this type of work and have many more questions than can be answered here. I provide a 30 minute complimentary consultation where we can talk about your needs and you can get an overview of a personalised coaching plan. Please get in touch via email, Facebook messenger, or just call me to schedule your discovery call.


Consultations take place in Brighton or on-line via Skype (or similar).

I ask all potential clients to get started with a complimentary 30 minute discovery call where we can discuss your goals, current challenges, what it might look like to work together, and determine if we are a good fit.
A Real Shift
  • Single consultation: 90 minutes - £120

WorkLife Upgrade - a block of six sessions
  • Block of six sessions, weekly or fortnightly, 90 minutes each - £600

Profound Change - on-going program
  • Initial consultation: 90 minutes – £90
  • Follow-up consultations: 45 mins - £60
  • Three month program with one initial 90 minute consultation and two 45 minute follow-up consultations: £180 - 15% discount

Lift Off - 1 year programme of coaching
  • 8 consultations and unlimited messaging - £55 per month paid yearly (£660 per year)
Margarita Steinberg
Call: +44 (0)7717-315-078

You can also contact me directly via Facebook Messenger:
Straight to the heart of the matter
"The guidance I've received from Margarita has been positively life-changing. After each session I enjoy with her, I end up with another glorious nugget of self-realisation that has a profound impact on my mental wellbeing and my day-to-day life.

Ahead of my first taste of psycho-synthesis with Margarita, I was experiencing a constant tightness in the head and chest, stress and burn-out. All of that has almost completely disappeared. I'm very confident it isn't just fleeting relief. That's because the depth of introspection she has navigated me through has astonishingly revealed some fundamental truths about my identity, behaviours, beliefs and desires. But, Margarita's magic doesn't end with that enlightening analysis.

She's enabled me to devise better ways of being. For example, we were able to pinpoint that I had a propensity to treat others with a degree of compassion I wasn't affording myself. Instead, I was continually punishing myself, which caused stress. Using role play, she helped me find a way for compassion to guide my Will (my principle desire/purpose) so I would treat myself in a more kind and rational manner rather than beating myself up when I did something 'wrong'.

I haven't felt this much at ease, self-confident and grounded in years. Rather than cowering at the thought of taking on the future and its plethora of potential problems, I'm excited by the challenge of pursuing my Will and creating the future that is most *me*.

Needless to say, I urge anybody and everybody to take the step to psycho-synthesise with Margarita, no matter who you are and where you're at in your life. If you're confused, stuck, fearful about anything or just want to learn more about yourself, get in touch with her! It could significantly change your life, like it has mine."

Adam Bates, Founder and Director of Ambigo CIC
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