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ByHeart Coaching

Helps you see *your own way* clearly
ByHeart Coaching
Helps you see *your own way* clearly
By Heart
I am a Leadership Coach with a specialism in Psychosynthesis psychology. I empower people to understand themselves more, and create unique transformative experiences for anyone looking to lead their best lives.

I believe we each have to discover our destiny through living 'by heart'. I work with clients to help them bring together all the strands of themselves (that's the meaning of 'psycho-synthesis') to live the life that feels *truly uniquely theirs* to the full.

I draw on practical psychology, counselling skills and holistic health practices. I specialise in career development, relationships, and empowerment for women. I am passionate about bringing the best aspects of modern and traditional insights into the human psyche to benefit my clients.
The professional [...] is the story of the high jumper who broke the world's record. Somebody asked him how he did it and he responded, "I threw my heart over the bar and the rest of me followed."

- Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman, and motivational speaker
My approach
Get clear on what you want, see past the obstacles
What keeps you going
Together, we help you tune into your deepest motivation, what you care about the most, what you relish about the ride. This is your rocket-fuel. Get this positioned right and you are unstoppable.
What trips you up
What gets in your way, blocks your path, stops you in your tracks - whether recent or long-standing - can resolve, dissolve, fade out to leave you with clear horizons.
What you need
You know what keeps you fuelled up, you know how you see beyond any obstacles that may arise. Add to this gathering up what you need, summoning opportunities, assistance and resources, and you're underway in a major way.

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching (PGCPLC)

  • Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills and Theory

  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training

  • Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine

  • BA in German / Italian / Music / Computing
Special Interests

  • Executive / Leadership coaching: the stakes are high, the skills needed are extensive, and there is only one you

  • Career direction: to help you take charge of your destiny

  • Couple coaching: restoring and renewing relationships

  • Confidence building: to take you anywhere

  • Empowering women: for the benefit of all

  • Embodied learning: we all live in bodies (I use the basics of Argentine Tango for harmonising situations and relationships)
What I actually do is help my clients see their world differently. Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes. When someone sees their world differently, they show up differently, and they create results that booked impossible a moment before. That is a miracle.

- Rich Litvin, coach and author of 'The Prosperous Coach'
Clients - in their own words
"You, dear woman, are a miracle worker. I feel light today (maybe that's what it feels like when you start to liberate yourself from something)… 😃. My mind is whirring with reflections, connections, etc., but I am feeling calm and have a smile on my face. Pretty cool, eh?

You opened up the space to be, one in which I can reflect on things and move forward without feeling like I'm drowning. A definite sense of being open to possibilities, but only if they correspond to what I'm looking for. Huge hugs and love."

Judith Good, Professor of Interaction Design and Inclusion
"The guidance I've received from Margarita has been positively life-changing. After each session I enjoy with her, I end up with another glorious nugget of self-realisation that has a profound impact on my mental wellbeing and my day-to-day life.

Ahead of my first taste of psycho-synthesis with Margarita, I was experiencing a constant tightness in the head and chest, stress and burn-out. All of that has almost completely disappeared. I'm very confident it isn't just fleeting relief. That's because the depth of introspection she has navigated me through has astonishingly revealed some fundamental truths about my identity, behaviours, beliefs and desires. But, Margarita's magic doesn't end with that enlightening analysis.

She's enabled me to devise better ways of being. For example, we were able to pinpoint that I had a propensity to treat others with a degree of compassion I wasn't affording myself. Instead, I was continually punishing myself, which caused stress. Using role play, she helped me find a way for compassion to guide my Will (my principle desire/purpose) so I would treat myself in a more kind and rational manner rather than beating myself up when I did something 'wrong'.

My sessions with Margarita haven't been your typical talking therapies. Far from it. What also makes them unique and particularly effective is that she brings her own personality and life experiences to the fore to help me understand myself. This ranges from delving into etymology of language to dancing around the room performing basic tango. It's joyous!

I haven't felt this much at ease, self-confident and grounded in years. Rather than cowering at the thought of taking on the future and its plethora of potential problems, I'm excited by the challenge of pursuing my Will and creating the future that is most *me*.

Needless to say, I urge anybody and everybody to take the step to psycho-synthesise with Margarita, no matter who you are and where you're at in your life. If you're confused, stuck, fearful about anything or just want to learn more about yourself, get in touch with her! It could significantly change your life, like it has mine."

Adam Bates, Founder and Director of Ambigo CIC

"[Leadership coaching] was exactly what I needed at the time. At first, I thought it might be just a generic boring thing that you go through and at the end there is no tangible output, but it wasn't.

It was time well-spent. I actually got to discuss my "modus operandi" with Margarita and she worked through the details with me. She was very sharp in picking up on things that I didn't realise were pulling me back. She helped scrutinise my thought process, key decision points, and showed me what I should work on.

Now I know better where I am leading my career towards (leading being the keyword here), and have the 'tools' to prevent unnecessary stress."

Dr Spyros Skarvelis-Kazakos, Senior Lecturer in Power Electronics
"Our conversations last week really made an impression on me. I am now being mindful about using the right 'muscles'. :)"

Fran Barnard, University of Sussex
"Margarita enabled me to explore aspects of my self, which I may have ignored for some time or was not aware of. As a result of her guidance, I was able to give voice to them and identify their significance in my life to date and also identify where they were coming from - where the root of their influence lay in my deeper, hidden, less apparent self. This guidance through one's layers of consciousness is a revealing exercise as one makes sense of and unravels and is able to name the influences. This self-discovery leading to greater self-awareness is an empowering process, which enhanced my self worth.

Margarita was also excellent in her interaction with my twelve-year-old son who also participated in the sessions. She used a variety of techniques to draw him out and develop an understanding of his own self-worth and to explore and give voice to his own aspirations. He benefited from these sessions and always looked forward to participating in them."

Andrew Jackson, Lay Anglican Chaplain

"So far I've had one session with Margarita, and to say that I found it hugely beneficial would be an understatement. Her approach is tender, encouraging and professional. I found the session thoroughly enjoyable and particularly enlightening.

If you, like me, are looking to truly discover and develop yourself, I'd strongly recommend engaging with Margarita. I can't wait for my next session!"

Vanessa De Oliveira, IMS Manager, Sussex Estates and Facilities
"You're a teacher, in the best sense of the term. :) And yes, I wish I had known you sooner, but it's okay, at least I do know you now and I'm very grateful for having met such a positive person, and for your presence in my life.

I have been feeling much better after the conversations we had when you were here: I am using your lovely notebook to write a sort of "new narrative" for myself, a much more positive one, and it helps me stay grounded in the present for longer and in a more serene way. I got some inspiration back to write as well! So again, thank you for everything."

Carlotta Papale, writer
"A kind, caring person, who glows from the inside, Margarita will help you become the best version of yourself through simple exercises. She will be an extremely helpful guide, always wishing the best for people and helping them realise their dream life and potential."

Alexander Hodgkins, self-employed
"I tend to shrink into myself at job interviews. I asked Margarita to help me overcome this, so that I could showcase my strengths to prospective employers. Our two-hour conversation brought a sense of calm and confidence I'd tried for countless times before – but this time I actually felt peaceful and calm.

By a stroke of luck, right after the coaching session with Margarita, I saw a message that I'd been invited to interview for a job I really wanted. I went into the interview the next morning, still enveloped in that sense of calm – and had the job by the afternoon! After weeks and months of sending out job applications in vain, to get the job I really wanted was huge! Thank you, Margarita!"

"Thanks for the conversation, it was very helpful indeed. You wouldn't let me off the hook! It will be in very loving moments that I will call you "relentless Margarita". You are right, though."

Thorsten R., University Researcher
"A huge thanks for helping me start to regain my confidence: I didn't realise how much I had lost (although I'm sure I'll need a Margarita top-up from time to time!)"


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